Visual Computing

semester Autumn 2019
catalogue link 252-0206-00L
lecturers Marc Pollefeys (Vision)
Stelian Coros (Graphics)
lecture Tue 10-12 HG G3
Thu 13-15 HG G3
vision assistants Rémi Pautrat, Xu Chen, Luca Cavalli
graphics assistants Jim Bern, Miguel Zamora, Simon Zimmermann
tuesday tutorial Tue 13-16 CHN G42
thursday tutorial Thu 09-12 IFW A36
supplemental info videos of lecture
last year's exam
last year's exam (with solutions)

Schedule and Course Notes

Slides accessible only within the ETH network (addresses 129.132.*). If outside please use VPN.

This schedule is tentative.

Week Tuesday Thursday
Week 1: Sep 17+19 Introduction to Vision The Digital Image
Week 2: Sep 24+26 Image Segmentation I Image Segmentation II
Week 3: Oct 01+03 Convolution and Filtering Image Features
Week 4: Oct 08+10 Fourier Transforms Fourier Transforms (cont.)
Week 5: Oct 15+17 Unitary Transforms Pyramids and Wavelets
Week 6: Oct 22+24 Optical Flow Video Compression
Week 7: Oct 29+31 Texture Radon Transform
Week 8: Nov 05+07 Introduction to Graphics Drawing Triangles
Week 9: Nov 12+14 Transforms Geometry and Texture I
Week 10: Nov 19+21 Geometry and Texture II The Graphics Pipeline
Week 11: Nov 26+28 Rendering Equation Ray Tracing
Week 12: Dec 03+05 Intro To Animation Rigging
Week 13: Dec 10+12 Physically-Based Animation PDEs


Slides accessible only within the ETH network (addresses 129.132.*). If outside please use VPN.

Week 1 No tutorial this week.
Week 2 Background Subtraction Exercise Solution
Week 3 Edge Detection Exercise Solution
Week 4 Fourier Transform Exercise Solution
Week 5 Optical Flow Exercise Solution
Week 6 Data-Driven Compression Exercise Solution
Week 7 Q&A Sample Questions Sample Solutions
Week 8 Intro to WebGL Exercise Solution
Week 9 Transformations Exercise Solution
Week 10 Meshes and Textures Exercise Solution
Week 11 Shaders Exercise Solution
Week 12 Animation and Keyframing Exercise Solution
Week 13 Rigid Body Simulation Exercise Solution
Week 14 Q&A


Image Processing

Computer Graphics

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