We develop algorithmic foundations
for future generations of intelligent robots.

The Computational Robotics Lab (CRL) is a research group within the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. Led by Prof. Dr. Stelian Coros, our research bridges the fields of Computer Graphics, Robotics and Computational Fabrication.

We draw insights from computer science, applied mathematics and control theory to establish the computational foundations that will accelerate the future of robotics. Applications of our work range from studying the principles of dexterous manipulation and legged locomotion to computation-driven design for new breeds of bioinspired robots. To learn more about our work, please take a look at our publications. We are grateful for past and present sponsorship from Intel, Microsoft, Swiss Post, Hilti, Disney Research, the SNF and the European Research Council.

Help us build the future of robotics!

We are looking for bright, motivated and creative PhD students and Postdocs who are eager to get involved in cutting edge research in our group. If you are interested, please send an email to crl-jobs@inf.ethz.ch with your CV and a description of your research interests. Please note that due to the large volume of requests, we can only respond to applicants who are considered for interviews.

If you are an ETH Zurich student looking for a Bachelor's or MSc thesis project, please don't hesitate to get in touch as well. Some of the projects we are seeking students for are listed here:

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