Visual Computing

semester Autumn 2021
catalogue link 252-0206-00L
lecturers Marc Pollefeys (Vision)
Stelian Coros (Graphics)
lecture Tue 10-12 | HG G3
Thu 14-16 | HG G3
vision assistants Luca Cavalli, Yao Feng, Petr Hruby, Xu Chen
graphics assistants Dongho Kang, Miguel Zamora, Yue Li, Simon Zimmermann
tuesday tutorial Tue 13-16
thursday tutorial Thu 09-12
supplemental info Past exams

Schedule and Course Notes

Only handwritten notes on paper are allowed in the exam.

For the first half of the course lectures will take place in-person and they will also be streamed and recorded over ⇝Teams.

For the second half of the course lectures will streamed and recorded using the ⇝ETH Live Stream.

Slides and Teams link are accessible only within the ETH network (addresses 129.132.*). If outside please use VPN.

This schedule is tentative.

Week Tuesday Thursday
Week 1: Sep 21+23 Introduction to Vision Recording The Digital Image Recording
Week 2: Sep 28+30 Image Segmentation I Recording Image Segmentation II Recording
Week 3: Oct 05+07 Convolution and Filtering Recording Image Features Recording
Week 4: Oct 12+14 Fourier Transforms Recording Fourier Transforms (cont.) Recording
Week 5: Oct 19+21 Unitary Transforms Recording Pyramids and Wavelets Recording
Week 6: Oct 26+28 Optical Flow Recording No Lecture
Week 7: Nov 02+04 Video Compression Recording Radon Transform Recording
Week 8: Nov 09+11 Introduction to Graphics Recording Drawing Triangles Recording
Week 9: Nov 16+18 Transforms Recording Geometry and Texture I Recording
Week 10: Nov 23+25 Geometry and Texture II Recording The Graphics Pipeline Recording
Week 11: Nov 30 + Dec 02 Rendering Equation Recording Ray Tracing Recording
Week 12: Dec 07+09 Intro To Animation Recording Rigging Recording
Week 13: Dec 14+16 Guest Lecture No Recording Physically-Based Animation (Revised) Recording
Week 14: Dec 21 PDEs Recording


The tutorials are organized as follows:

Prerecorded videos will be uploaded before the tutorial starts. During the first hour, students have time to watch the video and read the exercise. During the second and third hour, student TAs will be present in a ⇝zoom meeting to answer questions. Within one week, both tutorial sessions cover the same materials. Students are split into two groups according to their last name:
- Tuesday: A - L
- Thursday: M - Z

Slides and zoom link accessible only within the ETH network (addresses 129.132.*). If outside please use VPN.

Week 1 No tutorial this week.
Week 2 Background Subtraction Exercise | Video Solution
Week 3 Edge Detection Exercise | Video Solution
Week 4 Fourier Transform Exercise | Video Solution
Week 5 Data-Driven Compression Exercise | Video Solution
Week 6 Optical Flow Exercise | Video Solution
Week 7 Q&A Sample Questions Sample Solutions
Week 8 Intro to WebGL Exercise | Video Solution
Week 9 Transformations | Revised version Exercise | Video Solution
Week 10 Meshes and Textures Exercise | Video Solution
Week 11 Shaders Exercise | Video Solution
Week 12 Animation and Keyframing Exercise | Video Solution
Week 13 Physically-Based Animation Exercise | Video Solution
Week 14 Q&A Sample Questions


Image Processing

Computer Graphics

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